We have the experience and knowledge to install all necessary underground utilities. We know the drill when it comes to working with providers of “dry” utilities to make sure we meet their technical standards, while fulfilling all federal, state, county and municipal code obligations. We’re also seasoned installers of water-related lines.


We will ensure clear and timely communication, effectively manage project coordination and activities, which means schedules are more likely to be maintained and financial budgets met throught the life cycle of your project.


Dry Utilities

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Telecommunications

We worked with major electrical contractors and power companies in Arizona. We conduct primary section replacements as well as emergency cable replacements for SRP and APS. We conduct open trench method of installations and HDD operations in locations where it’s more feasible to bore in the conduits to eliminate R-O-W disturbance or cause traffic build up. Traffic signal electrical conduit crossings have been a specialty scope of work for ACI having to install many work operations for the City of Phoenix, ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation).



ACI participates in many telecom projects ranging from Longhaul F/O Builds, City Rings, and lateral placements of Fiber optics and coax cables. We specialize with maximizing production in these settings and can deliver when our competitors are limited with productivity. ACI is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the project on schedule and on budget. Our track record working in the Phoenix Valley has shown that ACI is a quality construction company that is ready to deliver.